A Mythical Hero's Journey Through the Clouds
A Myth of Hero, in which the Persian Warrior must battle the cosmic choice between good and evil. The Good warrior chosen by Ahura Mazda (The Creator of Light, Truth, and Goodness) must battle the forces of Ahriman (Spirit of Darkness, Lies, Evil, and Deceit). The warrior must face many challenges including a dragon sent by Ahriman. Played out in the allegory of cloud images and poetry. The chosen hero warrior achieves love and is united with his love as Masha and Mashyoi (the equivalent to Adam and Eve). United...the earth may flourish and be cultivated once again and spring forth new life.
A Mythical Hero's Journey Through the Clouds
A Life in the Clouds

A Triste Through the Sky 
Dragon's Fire

Darkness Descends over Little Men
The Black Archangel Fast Approaches
Wickedness Dwells, Witches Spells
Lions Dens, Deserted Lands, Dragon's Fire
Night Comes on Before It's Time
Watch the Tolling of the Division Bell
Forget What's Lost, it's Too Late

Love Conquers All

From Fertile Land The Plants Grew

Cultivating the Land Anew

The Adventure has just begun...
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