Columbus Art Museum: What Love Is?
I went to the Columbus Art Museum on June 29th, 2011 and made a video concerning my thoughts on love and what love is. It is now airing in the Columbus Art Museum and on YouTube. This was hard to convince myself to do. I have always been poetic. Love of course is something poets through the centuries have drawn their attentions to. To be in a box by oneself, but with the realization that the piece will be public certainly strips us bare and leaves us vulnerable. So why share? Why open up our heart? I think the proper answer is to give. The same reason we love in the first place is to give of ourselves. So I have made my thoughts open even though I myself was vulnerable and maybe insecure in sharing these deep thoughts and feelings.
Thoughts On Love
Recorded June 29, 2011
Columbus Art Museum Exhibit
CMA Love Shack
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