MFA Entrance Portfolio (Summertime 2008)
this was my MFA Entrance Portfolio. I have come a long way since I shot these images in 2008 when I picked back up a photography camera after a long break.
Images Shot Summer 2008
I have come along way since entering my MFA in terms of my skill set as both a photographer and cinematographer.  In 2008 I just started taking photographs again after a long hiatus in the halls of academia.  Something was missing...there was a yearning for creativity.  My hands never steady enough to be a a painter I was naturally inclined towards photography and video production.  This body of work represents my relearning how to use a camera.  Now that I am teaching others how to use the camera I appreciate their struggles to achieve what they envision, but have yet to grasp the technical proficiency of craft necessary.  Still, much good can come from small beginnings.  These are some of mine.  
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